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11/2 Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs New Orleans Saints

Nothing, but nothing, will pump up the Buccaneers and their fans like remembering the first game of 2002, when the Saints marched away with a 26-20 overtime win. Jim Haslett's team was a thorn in the side to the Bucs last year, as they won the divisional series with a 23-20 nail biter at the Super Dome.

HB Duece McAllister has established himself as one of the NFL premier running backs, and QB Aaron Brooks clearly established himself with a superb '02 campaign. WR Donte' Stallworth will keep Tampa Bay's DBs wondering, while the team's "secret weapon", legendary PK John Carney, is seemingly ammuned to the pressures of crunch time field goal tries.

However, do not expect the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to roll over and surrender. Last year's losses will pump the squad up so much, it may be more a matter of keeping themselves calm and level headed in this battle with New Orleans.

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